Sunday Funday on the Trinity Trails!

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Map of the Trinity Trails in Fort Worth, TX

 Wowzers, so if you are a beginner cyclist or even a professional, long-time, avid cyclist, this route was difficult; even more so in the 98 degree weather we had.
wpid-snapchat-7781535820251750430.jpgThis is pretty much the aftermath, of the 10 mile trek I did at the trails. (It was worse in real life, that shirt was a dark purple from all the sweat).

Sunday afternoons, in my eyes, are lazy days, lounging around, taking care of errands and preparing for Monday. I like to spice things up and why be lazy?!?

Frank works on Sundays – BOO! Hopefully, not for too much longer 🙂 (Thailand bound soon).  So that leaves me with pretty much all of Sunday afternoon alone.  Sure, I have friends and family, but I really dont mind hanging out by myself.  I do a lot of *me* activities: thinking, preparing myself for the next chapter in life, taking a breather from the hectic week ahead.

This time around, I decided to ride solo.  *Side note* the weekend prior both Frank and I went on a 9.5 mile bike ride.  Let me just say, its A LOT more fun, having someone to ride/motivate you.

As soon as I hit 2 miles, I thought to myself – this isnt TOO bad.  But, right at mile 5 and many uphills later, I was struggling to pedal – the heat was definitely bearing down.  However, I had no choice, but to push through because I had to ride all the back to my car, in the opposite direction.

After, several mental talks, I was determined to hit 10 miles and set aside all of the excuses and negative thoughts and just focused on how I would feel after completion.  Well, I definitely felt – sweaty, tired, heat exhausted, BUT I also felt satisfied, worthy and proud.

Little things like biking 10 miles in overbearing heat, helps me to understand that I am mentally and physically strong.

I question myself a lot on whether going to Thailand is the right thing or if I should just stick around and find another job that I might like…then I talk myself into the unknown because I know the universe will provide and my inner strength will prevail.

Share your thoughts!

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