Phuket – Our new home & how we prepared for the year long journey!

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Well – it is official, I was offered a teaching job on Phuket island in Thailand & boy are we thrilled.  The truth is I almost accepted another position because I was getting impatient & just wanted to start my career already.  I am so glad I was patient and followed my heart – 

              <—- Our new Home!!!

The backstory:

I have interviewed for at least 108475987574 schools…okay I’m exaggerating, but that is what it felt like. Skype interview after Skype interview and the job was either in a location I didn’t want, the pay was ridiculously low, the hours didn’t seem ideal or the person interviewing was so beyond boring, I couldn’t imagine working for them.

In my mind, I had this idea of being near the beach, I mean C’MON the beaches there are so beautiful so why not…then after each interview seemed well – less than perfect, I started to compromise.  Saying things like. “Well, I guess we could always visit the beach on weekends….” or “This is just an experience, we can try it out temporarily” or “Maybe being far from the touristy places will be more fun” but in my heart of hearts, it is not what I wanted.   

So after about 6 emails to a school on Phuket island, multiple documents later (they are very peticular about who they choose, especially since they are on an island) an agreed Skype interview, 1 missed & rescheduled interview, I FINALLY had my interview set.  The problem is Thailand is 12 hours ahead, so my nights are their days & vice versa.  We had agreed to interview on a Tuesday.  Monday night rolls around and I am settling in, about to get lost with Real Housewives of the OC & I get a skype call.  WHAT THE DUECE – I am so not prepared, why are they calling me on monday night, we agreed to Tuesday, I am in my PJ’s, hair up…..freaking out.  So I pick up & it dawns on me that their TUESDAY would be my monday night – DUH!!!!!  So after a 2 hour interview, multiple laughs & a realization that this school is not only perfect for me, but I am perfect for them – I get a job offer ON THE SPOT!  Not only, do I get an island, butttttttttttt I am making enough to live like a QUEEN…okay, maybe a princess!

 I. am. so. beyond. stoked.  

The universe must’ve known I was starting to feel beat down because I almost said F*ck it and went with a school that was sort of near the beach, by a naval base, teaching kinder.  NOT IDEAL.  Anyway, I stayed positive and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect because I got everything I had painted in my mind, that I wanted.


In the present:

Now, before travel there are a few things to do especially if you are uprooting from your life to journey into a foreign land:

  • Make sure you have your correct visas – some schools will provide a visa – however it can take up to 3 months and you will have to travel back and forth for visa runs.  To save from that hassle – we applied for our own Non B Immigrant Visas with Fortunately, in Texas we have a Thai Consul that will do our visas in less than 20 minutes.  However, you can still check out this website for easy access on which visa would be most appropriate and other useful information.                                                          
  • Since we have never visited Thailand before we really have no clue where to live, so we are arriving a week early and using for living accommodations until we find out what suites us best.                             
  • Also, it is always a good idea to exchange your countries currency to the countries currency at the airport or beforehand, so you can get around.

Anyway, October 5th will be the day we fly out – so it is crunch time.  It felt so good walking into my bosses office and putting in my 2 weeks.  I am really looking forward to this new experience, I hope Frank is as excited as me.  I know he is a nervous wreck about leaving his company (he has been there 8 years) but in the end, his schedule is not ideal, there really isnt much room for growth and he deserves a year long vacation!!!  So hopefully, this new culture will bring out a fire in him & he will come back knowing he deserves more than shift work and managing lazy employees.  

Until next time –

Love, Rachel

2 thoughts on “Phuket – Our new home & how we prepared for the year long journey!

  1. Claire

    Sounds like you have quite the adventure ahead of you! Thailand is awesome, so no doubt you’re going to have a blast. Keep cool and don’t let the move stress you out 🙂
    Claire xx


  2. This is so exciting!!!! 🙂 a life adventure for the three of you 🙂 I know how it is to be in a new place – new people, new culture, new habits – I moved myself to Argentina 6 years ago!!!! I wish you all the best and will definitely stay in touch to see how life treats you on the other side of the globe!!! 🙂

    I invite you to check out my VIDEO REPORT from my short visit in TOKYO


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