Dallas, Texas to Phuket, Thailand – in 2 days.

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Updated report:

12144658_10103953994006350_8710491464479286096_nAfter a 16 hour flight to Hong Kong with a 2 hour delay, a 3.5 hour flight to Malaysia with a 9 hour delay, sleeping on an uncomfortable airport chair for 5 hours, a 1 hour flight to Phuket and 4 Starbucks hot chocolates later, we finally landed in Thailand!!

We had a fairly easy flight (although I will admit the 16 hour one was beyond exhausting) it was really hard to sleep squeezed in between 3 other people.   Other than that, the food was decent, the movie selection was awesome and overall pretty comfortable.

When we finally stepped off the plane, a flush of humid air hit our faces.  It was overcast & wet – although what more do you really expect from an island?  Aside from the hellish fortress of steamy air, we passed through security, exchanged our currency and retrieved (ALL) of our luggage before hailing a taxi and booking it into town.  To be honest we hadnt booked a hotel – we figured why not try a more adventurous approach – probably not the smartest thing to do – especially being foreigners and all…1st mistake.

Our taxi driver takes us to a check in station and we were soon approached by a woman who ran the excursions in Phuket & asked if we had hotel accommodations. Since we didnt, we followed her into the office and she proceeded to discuss options of various hotels in the area – she mentioned this AMAZING resort in Patong…it was on the beach, huge tub, nice king size bed, a rooftop pool, breakfast, cable – the whole 9 yards.  At this point both of us were sleep deprived with 3 suitcases and a large tote, no clue where we were & ready for sleep so we paid 5000 THB for 5 nights (roughly $140 USD)….WHAT – that was a damn deal, so we said book it – 2nd mistake.

This is the hotel we were supposed to stay in.

So the driver proceeds to Patong – another 25 minute gorgeous scenic route through hills and windy roads.  We finally arrive at our destination – The Bel Aire.

Not the hotel we saw in the brochure!

We were definitely duped & learned our lesson about the “too good to be true” thing in Thailand.  This hotel did NOT overlook the ocean (it was a good 20 minute walk), we did not receive free breakfast (since we booked with an agent), there was no massage parlor onsite (however, we had plenty of ladies that were more than willing to give a massage – happy ending included), the “rooftop pool” was hysterical.  The pool was probably the size of a hot tub and had green water….so much for romantic nights.  However, it did have a bed and we were thankful for that.

The “rooftop” pool, hehe!

On day 1 – we unpacked around 11:00 am decided to take quick power nap to rejuvenate – wellllllll we sort of woke up around 9:30 pm…..(jet lag, eh?)

Day 2 – since we were up early (at 5 AM), we figured why not explore.  We walked over to Patong beach to check out the views and maybe grab some breakfast – well turns out NOTHING opens until 10:00 am.  We had some time to kill so we took some photos:


Rainy day in Patong!

After a crazy and exciting week in Patong, we found a residence in Phuket Town & moved in.  It comes fully furnished, the view is fantastic & I am close to my school.  A little research BEFORE you commit, goes a long way. We definitely learned our lesson about trusting photos. View from our balcony!

After settling in, we rented a scooter from our residence.  Frank is the driver – since he used to ride motocross I trust him more than myself.  He persuaded me to practice driving and no more than 20 seconds on the bike – I ran into a curb (blonde I know) and ended up cutting my foot/leg up pretty bad.  Let’s just say Frank will be the official scooter driver from now on.

12122703_10103967824824280_1272965580947315651_n                                The pic doesnt do justice – it is still healing 3 weeks later 😦

My first week of school flew by pretty quickly – it was the end of summer school, so the kids hadnt officially started.  It was more of a “work on lesson plans/sit around/talk to staff type of week.” Then the next week was a Thai Holiday – so I had a week off.  SCORE!!!!

Follow up on our adventures soon – finishing up Sons of Anarchy then enjoying my last holiday day at the beach.

Love, Rachel

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