Exploration Nation in Nai Harn

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 This quote couldnt be more true.  I absolutely LOVE the ocean and the sense of complete peacefulness that overcomes my soul when I am near.

There are 29 Beaches & Bays on Phuket island.  My goal is to visit all of them – thus far we have seen: Chalong Bay, Rawai Beach, Patong Beach, Surin Beach, and Nai Harn Beach.  Let me clarify why I am focusing in on Nai Harn – because it is utterly serene.

Let me start from the beginning.

A few weeks ago, I wanted to visit Rawai since we have been on the touristy bandwagon of Patong Beach for the past few weekends.  So we grab a few waters and head down south.  Rawai was beautiful in a quaint homey kind of way, but there were too many fishing boats around to really capture anything.  So we decided to head west up a long, unwinding path, and got lost.  Getting lost is where the adventure usually begins.

Neither of us expected to come across this hidden gem Thailand refers to as Nai Harn.  #nofilterneeded

I will let you capture the breath taking essence through photos, but be warned, these pictures DO NOT do justice.

Until next time.

XOXO – Ray

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