Thai Festival- Loy Krathong

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The thing I love most about Thailand is all of the miscellaneous holidays, festivals and celebrations.

We just celebrated Loi Krathong – Loi means “to float” and Krathong has several meanings, but the one most common is “buoyant, floating basket.”  So the translation literally means “to float a basket.”  The idea is to create or buy a decorated floral arrangement made from banana leaves and other beautiful flowers, make a wish, light the candle and send it off into the river, lake, pond or canal.  It is a simple, yet ancient celebration of the New Moon and to pay respects to the water spirits.

I have a few pictures to show how us non Thais celebrated this tradition!


In Bangkok they light up floating bags and send them up into the sky, but they stopped doing it in certain areas due to houses & buildings catching on fire.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed one of the MANY celebrations.

Love – Ray






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