Life Lessons

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Traveling isnt just about “trying something new.”

Traveling is immersing yourself in another culture, learning new ideals, finding hidden treasures and meeting beautiful people.

Throughout all this, you’ve found that not only have you changed mentally, but you appreciate life a bit more.

A few things I have learned while being in Thailand:

  1. Patience – I used to get so angry at the simplest things.  Now, I couldnt care less, life is too short to stress out over something you cant control.
  2. Controlling my emotions – I had a tendency to cling on to feelings of anger.  I have learned to move past it.  When someone talks down, frustrates or angers me…I vent – then let it go.  No one person is worth getting upset over.  Anger creates illnesses.
  3. Caring what others think:  That has stopped completely.  I know who I am and empowered women do not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.
  4. Dance – when life has you upset – find a good song and dance.  Thais LOVE dancing, it creates a fun feeling of joy.
  5. Challenging myself: I was incredibly scared to drop my life and come teach in a country I knew very little about, I was scared to take the sky train, to live without wifi, to swim deep in the ocean, to not know anyone or anything.  However, it now feels like home.  Always challenge yourself because no one gets excited hearing about routine.

Life is short – regardless of where you are in the world or what you do for work – I just hope you are always happy in life.


Until next time.


XO – Rachel

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