Turning Thirty

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Right on cue, another year has come and I am quickly approaching my thirties.  I remember being 20 and thinking “Dang thirty is soooooooo old,” (emphasis on all the “o’s”) but in reality I feel empowered, more mature, much wiser and in control of my life than I ever did in my twenties.

I used to fear getting older because I honestly thought my life would end as soon as I became a real “adult.”  Bills, kids, responsibilities, they scared the shit out of me.  I dont know why – perhaps it was because I never really found my place or purpose.

I dont feel old, but at times I definitely dont FEEL young.  

I heard a quote on Sex and the City the other day where Carrie Bradshaw said, “Your twenties are for having fun and making mistakes, your thirties are for lessons learned and your forties are for buying drinks.”  Wise words from such a goofy show, but in truth – she is right.

I’ve been married, divorced, bought a house, sold a house, had jobs I hated, had jobs I sort of liked, been lost, been found, lost my dad to cancer, had birthdays, had debt, had credit cards, a degree, routine, 2 dogs, 3 apartments…the list could go on.  In ten years, I have managed to live a pretty full life for someone so young.  The problem was most of those years were filled with anger, tears, and sadness.  Up until the last 2 years, did I really start to figure out the meaning of life and find pure joy and happiness.

My time here in Thailand has opened my eyes in knowing that anything in life is possible. I was a sad mid twenty year old with over $35,000 in debt and after only 6 short months here in Phuket, Thailand – I have managed to become completely debt free. I am no longer owned by people or things.  Such a fantastic feeling to just live and spend money freely.

All of it – all of those hardships led me to where I am today and had none of it ever happened, I dont think I would’ve had the courage to teach overseas.

It may have taken me close to 10 years to figure out the path I was meant for and sure I probably still have a few mistakes along the way, but I guarantee you my thirties will be enjoyable and stress free.

So for those that want a change in life because you feel stuck: sell all your shit, buy a plane ticket, travel for a few months, pay off your debt and trust me you will be a completely different person when you (or if you choose to) return.

So many people say, “traveling is expensive” “I could never do it” “I have too much stuff” “I have kids”….sounds to me like you are living in a world full of excuses.  If you think positive and truly imagine yourself being able to do it, you can.

I’m not saying it will happen overnight because of course things take time, but it can seriously happen for you, for anyone –  just have gusto!

So my last piece is this: If you arent happy – get happy!

Go save the world and cheers to thirty!

Until next time.

XO – Rachel



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