Holy Shit! I’m a mom.

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Well….there is no going back now.  It’s official, she is here and (thank god) very healthy.

Let me backtrack about a year or so before she was born, to give you the full affect of how I feel as a new mom.

First and foremost, I cant imagine a time when I ever wanted kids.  I’ve never been the mushy, baby talking type and the thought of diaper changing and constant crying made me shutter. I would literally cringe when someone asked if I wanted to hold their kid, let alone babysit.  Kids were just point blank…never in the cards for me.

A few months after returning from Thailand, Frank and I found a nice place, bought brand new, very expensive vehicles and settled into the heart of downtown Fort Worth. Life was easy breezy:  Go to work, come home, watch our shows, maybe have a drink or two or three – who was really counting anyway, go to the gym, enjoy the weekends, sleep in…the opportunities were endless.  Life was simple and fun.

So how the hell did we get here?  Besides the obvious of course.

Here’s the story:

Well, one day my sister introduced me to this app that logged your cycles.  I’ve always had horrible women issues and decided to track my cycles for reasons, I can discuss at a later time.  Well, unbeknownst to me, they also tracked when you ovulated. WELLLLLL….the dumbass in me thought it would be a cool idea to try this out.

So on October 5th – trust me I didn’t know this date was going to be THE DATE, but it was. I just so happened to be ovulating and asked Frank if he wanted to try it out.  (I had struggled with having a child before and was told it would be difficult for me) so I thought what the hell – probably wont happen anyway, right?  WRONG.

Weeks went by and out of no where I told Frank I wanted to cut back on drinking. We were by no means alcoholics, but I was starting to gain weight.  Who knew whiskey had a shit ton of calories in it??  So we cut out the drinks. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise considering what was about to happen.

I noticed my boobs starting to hurt, but I figured that was all thanks to Aunt Flo about to make her appearance.  About two weeks went by and no period, but this was nothing new to me.  However, the hurting boob issue never went away.  So I remember texting my cousin about it and her saying casually…”maybe you’re pregnant”  PFFF yeah right I thought.

Well, I figured I might as well stop by the store to grab some pregnancy sticks just to be sure.  So I bought a cheap one, went home, downed water, and peed.

It had a VERY faint – so faint you couldn’t even really tell – line on the pregnant line.  I remember blinking like 100 times to make sure my eye sight was seeing this correctly.

So I go to the store and buy 6 more.

Every single one said PREGNANT.

I remember feeling excited and dumbfounded all at the same time.  I was nervous at how Frank would react.  I mean after all, our lives were officially about to change.

So he gets home.

I run up to him and say, “Hey babe, I have a little surprise for you.”

He follows me to the bedroom – men…he honestly thought I was about to do something kinky…

I led him to the bathroom and sitting on the counter were 7 sticks all saying pregnant.

His face was priceless.

“NUH UHHHHH NUH UHHHH” he said excitedly.

He gave me a huge hug and we immediately began talking about how our lives have forever changed.

We announced at Thanksgiving! 2016

No joke this feeling wasn’t real for a very long time.  I honestly couldn’t imagine myself being a mom.

After all, I loved my sleep way too much – let alone imagine myself caring for a small human.

Teaching kids in a classroom was one thing, but coming home to your own, was another.

Anyway, it happened.

A little after I found out I was pregnant – 3 of my other friends became pregnant too!  So I was happy to be able to share this journey with others who were newbies like me!


My pregnancy was pretty easy for the most part.  I experienced heartburn once, I did have acid re-flux quite a bit, but it wasn’t anything TUMS couldn’t handle.

I worked out at least 4-5 times a week, so I wasn’t swollen like most women complain about nor did I have really fat feet or hands.

18813492_10105931487698140_6532884199421731577_n  16830645_10105507241361200_1013168534230158260_n

I did have a lot of lower back pains.  Sleeping was a nightmare for me.  I literally dreaded going to sleep.  I bought the big pregnancy pillow, had about 1000 pillows surrounding me, propped my feet up…nothing really worked.  I was honestly done being pregnant…I wanted her out at like week 30!

I will say this though…being pregnant had its perks.  People were extremely helpful, my students always carried my bags for me, people always had snacks around, and just being able to talk to other moms and dads about advice was nice.  Everyone was willing to share their experiences and it made me feel a little more at ease.

I had a little scare of my water breaking, but it turned out I just peed myself – HAHA.

At week 39, my doctor decided we needed to induce.  Her due date was July 1st and he wanted to induce her on June 29th.  (turns out a lot of the doctors were inducing so they could have the 4th of July holiday off!)  I know this sounds weird, but I did not want my daughter born on June 29th…IDK why I didn’t like the date at all.   I thought July 1st was a cool birthday and wanted to hold out, but at the same time I wanted her out of my belly. Since my doctor couldn’t induce July 1st, we chose June 29th.  We could’ve held out for her actual birthday, but I had been dilated at a 2 for almost 3 weeks with no movement and was ready to see my baby girl.  We weren’t really sure if she would’ve been ready or if we would have to hold out until the following week….so we went ahead with the induction.

Up until this point I was very excited and nervous….but after I got to the hospital, the craziness began.

Keep posted for my hospital visit!







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