Happy Mind; Happy Life

Life is oh so short & what I love about the concept is that each day is a day to express love, show compassion, inspire and evolve. What has inspired me lately is compassion – whether it’s between humans, nature or animals; there is always an act of kindness happening.

As I’ve gotten older, I have gained wisdom and knowledge and with that, I have realized that life is about empowering others not putting them down.

I’ll admit I’ve had my fair share of judgments about people, but it was more-so out of jealousy or a lack of what I had within. Now, I really try to embrace others’ for who they are because they are unique, whether I like them or not.  Before making judgments about someone, I try to walk in their shoes, gather the facts and understand their situation.  Sometimes people just need a smile, a hug, a laugh or just to feel appreciated.

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